Amethyst is an element of fire in No.9 Flying star, and it is also a symptom of Future prosperity and long term gains. Amethyst is also a social stone. Wearing it often helps to meet nobles, increase wit, and increase popularity and love. Amethyst also represents the 'guardian of love' in Western countries, and it can give couples and couples deep love, chastity, honesty and courage.

Amethyst is an element of fire in feng shui, and it is also a symptom of chiefs and power. Chiefs or supervisors should also wear amethyst jewelry, which can increase power, bring extravagance, strengthen tolerance and tolerance The Amethyst most conducive to leadership and control.
Amethyst can not only develop wisdom and increase memory ability, it is indispensable for students and office workers who need a long time to use their brains.

Amethyst Eyes Pendant 1585-135


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Material:Amethyst, Silver, Zircon.

Size: 15.85mm